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AI And Azure In Your Company

AI is a topic at every boardroom table where the crucial question is not whether AI should be embraced, but how. How can it be done in the most effective way? In a safe and responsible way? And, perhaps more importantly, how to do this smarter and faster than the competition?

At Betabit, we fully committed to Microsoft Azure 15 years ago as pioneers in the Netherlands. And the good news? Azure is the platform on which AI comes to life.

Find out how we ensure that your business quickly and successfully benefits from these innovative technologies.

In the video below you can see how we did this for Rotterdam Harbour Holding, read about our approach below the video, and dive into tangible examples at the bottom of this page.

AI in your business; clarity within 2 half-days

Together, we go through our proven and practical approach, step-by-step:

1. Exploring essential Azure AI services
We start by thoroughly exploring and understanding the essential out-of-the-box Azure AI services to lay a solid foundation for your deployment of AI.

2. Identifying potential applications (use cases)
We put together a detailed overview of potentially relevant use cases, specifically tailored to your situation and needs. No one-size-fits-all but a tailor-made approach.

3. Assessing for strategic business value
Critical evaluation of the identified use cases, closely aligned with business strategy, through a cost-benefit analysis to select the most valuable options. No wasted efforts, only result-oriented choices.

4. Research into required data and governance for chosen use case
Together, we investigate the data required for the selected use case, with a special focus on the European AI act and strict data governance. No surprises, only well-thought-out steps.

We go through these four steps in two half-day sessions. After this, your team will have a full understanding of the specific benefits of AI in your business.

Next, we discuss the options for step 5:

5. Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Building and developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the most promising use case. Results are tangible, and the path to success is clear.

Let’s explore together how to enable AI quickly, effectively, and securely in your business, shall we? Leave your details below or call or app us to find out how Betabit can support your business with AI on the reliable Microsoft Azure platform. The future of your business doesn't wait; Get it done!

AI and Azure in action; use cases

To give you a better understanding of the possibilities of implementing AI in your business, some examples:

Financial consultancy
A financial consulting firm implements a personalized, interactive knowledge base with a Large Language Model, such as GPT-3 Turbo, and optimizes knowledge management with Azure OpenAI and Cognitive Search. The system, including a roles-and-permissions system for privacy and NDAs, speeds up information requests on internal regulations and opinions, significantly improving efficiency. The application even does source tracking and is extensible with a data pipeline to keep the knowledge base updated in an automated way.

International e-commerce
An international e-commerce company uses Translator API to automatically translate their product descriptions into multiple languages. This allows them to offer their content anywhere cost-effectively and quickly. It lowers the threshold for global customers and external translation agencies are no longer needed.

Medical equipment
A medical device supplier uses Azure Document Intelligence for automated data extraction. Completed paper forms are automatically converted into structured digital data. This reduces manual errors and speeds up the processing of important customer information, while preserving the paper trail for audits.

A technology company is integrating Azure Speech to offer real-time translations during telephone customer service calls. Calls are also automatically summarized and rated for sentiment. It reduces language barriers, improves customer satisfaction, and enables effective communication between customers and customer service teams around the world.

Media platform
A media platform uses Azure AI Content Safety and the Azure AI Language Service to automatically moderate user posts. Tone, legality, and correctness are checked, which helps enforce community guidelines and prevent unwanted content. In case of doubt, posts are automatically forwarded to a small team of manual moderators.

A web shop automatically analyses product images with Azure Vision to generate alt texts and categorize images. This improves search functionality on the website and optimizes accessibility for visually impaired users.

An insurance company uses AI Vision and OCR for business risk analysis via automated image recognition. This enables them to analyze specific images and identify risks. And thus, to quickly assess claims and automate risk analysis, resulting in faster decision-making.

Online education
An online education platform implements Azure AI Immersive Reader to present texts in a visually appealing way. This increases readability, helping students understand texts faster and improving the overall learning experience.

These are just a few examples of how companies are deploying AI to stay ahead of the competition. Hopefully this gives you enough inspiration to explore with us - with our approach - how to enable AI quickly, effectively and securely in your business.

Leave your details here or call or app us to find out how Betabit can support your business with AI on the trusted Microsoft Azure platform. The future of your business doesn't wait; Get it done!

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