Rotterdam Harbour Holding

A proprietary AI application within a month

Rotterdam Harbour Holding (RHH) is a dynamic organization based in Rotterdam and Antwerp. For 30 years RHH has supported its subsidiaries with HR, IT, Facility and Financial services to optimize the import and export of goods via sea containers worldwide. Innovation and improvement are hugely important to RHH. Every day they are working on innovation and optimizing processes to minimize the speed and costs of transport. Innovation in the field of IT bears the most fruit. And yes, they cannot afford to ignore the possibilities of AI.

A more efficient, productive and effective process

Martin Veen, IT manager at Rotterdam Harbour Holding, has been active in the IT industry for thirty years. Since 2010, he has been involved in software development and working with Betabit. By combining RHH's domain knowledge with Betabit's Microsoft Azure and AI expertise, we are working on innovative solutions to improve container transport worldwide

Within a month, we built a proprietary AI application for RHH to analyze photos and texts, and link data to databases, making decisions that would normally require human intervention. The result is a more efficient, productive and effective process that delivers immediate results.

In the end, you just have to do it. Betabit does this with a pragmatic and effective approach, which is how we were able to implement a solution in just a few weeks. With photo and text analysis, email classification and damage analysis, RHH has fully embraced the power of AI. As Martin says:

AI is no longer in its infancy, it's coming of age, so that's why we're going full steam ahead with this."

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