WAZUG meeting 54

At Betabit Rotterdam

WAZUG Meeting 54 Betabit

On Thursday 21 February 2019, the 54th meeting of the Dutch Azure User Group took place. With two challenging sessions, good attendance, and a great atmosphere, it was a very successful evening.

Session 1: Kristof Rennen (Microsoft)

'Architecting Autonomous Driving Solutions on Azure'

We have seen it in films for years, cars that drive by themselves without any human intervention or interaction. What sounded like something futuristic is now actually being put into practice by all car manufacturers. Their ultimate goal is to develop a full, level 5, autonomous driving car. There is still a long way to go, but the technological foundation is being laid.

To get a level 5 self-driving car on the road, huge data sets must be processed and analysed. Again and again. This validation process is extremely long and expensive because of the strict conditions set by the industry. The goal is clear, create a car that outperforms a human ... but is that possible?

Kristof has dealt with this issue from the business side. What are the 5 levels of autonomous driving? How far along are we? And what conditions and legal requirements must be met? In addition, the challenges and problems that still need to be overcome are clearly outlined. The greatest part of the session focused on the architecture side of technology development.

Session 2: Betabitter Rick

'Securing an Azure Function REST API with Azure Active Directory'

Using Azure Functions, you can implement a REST API quite easily. With Azure Active Directory, it's not difficult to secure an application. And Angular enables you to develop comprehensive front-ends. But how do you go about combining these three?

In his session, Rick showed how to secure a Rest API deployed with Azure Functions by using Azure Active Directory, and how to use this API for an Angular front end.

You will find his slides here.

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