Our office in Serbia

Our Offices In Serbia Betabit

40 colleagues

We started recruiting colleagues in Serbia in 2013. That resulted in us now having a group of 40 highly educated and passionate professionals we would otherwise have missed in the current tight employment market. Every day, we enjoy the international dimension our foreign colleagues give us. Our Serbian office is growing steadily and has strict admission requirements.

Greenwich Time (GMT) Amsterdam

One of the big advantages of the Serbian office is the minimum difference in time. It's never more than one hour, depending on whether or not you're in daylight saving time, which allows our teams in Serbia to collaborate perfectly with teams in the Netherlands or in Western Europe.

We have broadband connections and large screens in our Serbian office to make collaboration simple. So if flying is not an option, we're still always close by.

Just two hours from Eindhoven Airport

There are direct flights from Eindhoven Airport to Belgrade; it's a two-hour flight. There are also direct flights from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. There are flights at multiple times a day on multiple days a week. This makes it possible to plan travel flexibly.

Landing in Belgrade

Our office in Serbia is located in Belgrade, not far from the airport. An experienced team of 50 developers and testers works there, collaborating on a large number of our projects. In cultural terms, Belgrade is European and everyone there speaks English well, so you feel right at home.

Our Office In Serbia Belgrade Betabit

Culture and core values

Our office is highly regarded in de Serbian employment market and our Serbian colleagues share the same core values as we advocate in the Netherlands: reliability, professionalism, commitment, knowledge, and pleasure.

Our Office In Serbia Core Values Betabit

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