Team as a Service Nearshoring

Start with a top team abroad.

Team As A Servide Nearshoring 2

50 colleagues

Our office in Serbia employs 50 highly trained and driven professionals who can work remotely with any Dutch team. We would be happy to introduce our foreign colleagues to you. 

Technical testing and development

Just as here in the Netherlands, we specialise in technical testing and development on the Azure platform in our offices in Serbia. We work together closely and share our knowledge with each other to the max. You can reap the benefits of this too.   

Having the ability to scale a team is vital in order to grow, safe in the knowledge that the quality of the output remains high. Betabit’s outsourcing has improved Aeriandi’s ability to meet these demands. The outsourced team has been flexible, accommodating to our needs when circumstances change. Providing expert recommendations and improvements to our code base.

— Paul Foster, Head of Development, Aeriandi

Broadband connected

We have broadband connections and large screens in all our Serbian offices to make collaboration simple. Our teams can have video calls with you any time you want. 


We adapt to the rhythm of the customer, with us or the customer providing the scrum master in the team. Stand-ups are held every morning with English as the working language. We would like to invite you to one of our offices in the Netherlands to attend a stand-up together. 

Version control

For version control of the code, we prefer to use VSTS or Git and we keep track of requirements in JIRA or VSTS. With these online environments, combined with Azure, the development teams are at their most productive. We're happy to tailor our experiences and methods to your standards. 

Welcome to Serbia

We would like to invite you to come along to one of our offices in Belgrade or Novi Sad and meet our colleagues. Seeing is believing. But we warn you: once you get involved, you won’t ever want to do anything else. 

Questions? Sjoerd will be only happy to help