Rick Masela commercial manager Central East

A new Betabit office in Apeldoorn.

Rick Masela Betabit

Rick Masela will join Betabit's management team as commercial regional manager of Central and Eastern Netherlands from October 1, 2021.

As the first consultant from the Utrecht office, Rick Masela has been involved with Betabit since December 2010. He started as a developer, delved into test automation, and grew from test lead to team lead with a SCRUM Master role. More than ten years later, he became the first P-manager of our office in Apeldoorn and will make the step to Commercial Manager Central East from October 2021.

With more than eleven years of involvement with Betabit, it is great to be able to contribute to the further growth of Betabit Middle East Netherlands in this role, together with all consultants, p-managers, and operational manager!

— Rick Masela - commercial manager Central East

Starting this year, Rick and Emile Voogt will be bringing Betabit's services to the east of the Netherlands. Our new office in Apeldoorn is officially opened on October 1, 2021.

The cities in the east of the Netherlands have been beckoning for years. But all in good time. We’re really happy that with Rick the team is complete for this new and challenging region and they’re ready to get to work.

— Sjoerd van Roessel – commercial director Betabit

Rick Masela commercial manager Central East
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