WAZUG meeting 63

At Betabit Rotterdam

On Thursday 6 February 2020, the 63rd meeting of the Dutch Azure User Group took place. With two challenging sessions and a nice turnout, we look back on a successful evening! 

Session 1: Maarten Balliauw (JetBrains)

'Indexing and searching NuGet.org with Azure Functions and Search'

We’ve seen it in movies for years, cars that drive autonomously without any human intervention or interaction. In this session, Maarten built a 'reverse package search' that helps find the right NuGet package based on a public type name. Together they created a highly scalable serverless search engine using Azure Functions and Azure Search that performs 3 tasks: listening for new packages on NuGet.org (using a custom binding), indexing packages in a distributed manner, and exposing an API that accepts queries and gives our customers the best result. There was lots of code, insight into the service design process, and much more! 

Session 2: Betabitter Rick

'Hands-on with Azure Front Door Service'

"The Azure Front Door Service lets you define, manage, and monitor the international routing of your web traffic by optimising for the best performance and direct global failover for high availability. With Front Door, you can transform your international (multi-regional) customer and business applications into robust, high-performance, personalised modern applications, APIs, and content that has a global reach with Azure."

That sounds cool! But...how? This was a hands-on session to show you how to get started with Azure Front Door Service. 

Questions? Iris will be only happy to help