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Ask the Experts

A fresh look

Every organization has its own software challenges. It is always surprisingly fruitful to spar with someone who takes a fresh look at your challenges. An Azure expert who, as an outsider, can give your development team or process that extra push.

Our Principle Cloud Architects are happy to work with your team. Half a day, a few days, or longer. It's up to you.

Your challenge

What challenges do you have?

✔ Do you want to migrate to Azure?
✔ Do you already work in Azure but do you want a check on your architecture?
✔ DevOps and Azure?
✔ Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery?
✔ Serverless?
✔ Do you want to investigate the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence?
✔ Develop an IoT platform?

Our best specialists take the time for you.

Our recommendations

We will analyze your questions step by step. You provide the right specialists and managers within your organisation, our expert or experts do the rest. Guaranteed creativity, persistence, and enthusiasm. After a few hours, they leave you in good spirits and a lot wiser. Tailor-made practical recommendations. Guaranteed.

Questions? Marjolein will be happy to help