Azure ISV Assessment

A tailor-made cloud migration strategy, with clear follow-up steps and profound understanding of software quality. Especially for Independent Software Vendors.

Tailored cloud migration strategy

  • Practical, clear follow-up steps
  • Risks, stumbling blocks, and opportunities
  • Personal Azure expertise
  • Profound understanding of software quality
  • Applications modernised
Azure ISV Assessment Betabit

Clear steps to Azure

High-performance Azure cloud services, intelligence and DevOps scenarios are crucial to modern, successful organisations. This is especially true of Independent Software Vendors. Many ISVs are convinced of the great benefits of the cloud, but the step to Azure PaaS is big and complex.

We make it easy with our Azure ISV Assessment. You'll know immediately where you stand and what you have to do. You'll receive practical recommendations and clear steps to help make your cloud migration and future software development success.

Insight in just one day

Our Azure experts will work with your team during a one-day workshop. Where do we see potential stumbling blocks in the transition to Azure? How can we prevent or resolve these? And where are these opportunities?

Step by step, we analyse your questions and matters such as performance issues, security risks, integration capabilities and maintaining the application in Azure. Our experts determine what changes are desirable or necessary for a proper transition to Azure.

  • Microsoft Azure Specialist for ISVs

    Betabit has been selected by Microsoft as an Azure Specialist for ISVs, 1 of just 35 worldwide. Thanks to our years of dedication to, experience with, and in-depth knowledge of Azure.

  • Microsoft Gold partner

    Cloud Platform
    Cloud Application Development
    Cloud Application Integration

Understanding software quality

We do this by looking at some essential aspects of your software: its complexity, compatibility, interoperability and adaptability. With smart tooling, we map this out systematically. You gain immediate insight into the software quality of your applications. In the end, that’s what it’s all about as an ISV; the quality of your software. 

We got a fast and clear overview of risky code and a set of logical steps to move our business critical system to Azure PAAS.

— Jan Rubingh, former IT Director CED

Ready for a successful migration

You now have everything you need for a successful migration: an independent and objective summary of the risks and opportunities, a blueprint for your Azure architecture, and clear, personalised advice on modernising your applications and achieving ISV strategy.

We understand you like no one else does. ISVs have been an important customer group for us for years. And we even go as far as to invest in ISVs. We like to exchange ideas!

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