Application Management Process

During the Application Management Process, we take a number of steps in order to ultimately be able to offer high-end service and the best software development for your application. We ensure the correct set-up of environments and processes and their continuous optimisation. We do that using the Capability Maturity Model, for example.

Application Management Process Betabit

Before we can carry out active application management and maintenance tasks, there is a phase of taking over to be gone through. This phase is characterised by knowledge transfer, inventory of the application and documentation, and the setting up of the environments and systems. We make concrete agreements about the plans for improvement, service, and mutual communication, so that you know what to expect and where you're at.

Inventory and setting up

At the beginning of the process of application management, we ask you to provide us with a variety of documents, if present, and to give us insight and access. If we have carried out a Cloud Assessment on your application, we will include that data in this. That might include the following components:

  • Code and test database
  • Functional/technical documentation, system architecture, developer and deployment manual, FAQ, changes, and issues
  • Licences
  • Anonymise scripts
  • Rights to the acceptance and product environments.

This enables us to set up the most important matters, such as OTAP and the service desk and portal. We then provide additional knowledge transfer during a functional and technical session. Any knowledge missing will be included in the backlog; the improvement plan. We coordinate this plan, including planning and budget, with your organisation.

Capability Maturity Model

We then look at how our service, the processes, and your application can be coordinated optimally. We do that with the help of the Capability Maturity Model. This is a framework with which to assess and improve software development, management processes, and applications. Five different levels are distinguished, as you can see from the image. Each level gives an indication of the degree of formality and optimisation of processes, ranging from the lowest level, initial indicating chaotic, ad hoc practices to the highest level, optimised where the development process runs smoothly.

Application Management Process Capability Maturity Model Beta

Continuous measuring and monitoring

From the taking over administration already, we strive to meet at least the fourth level measured, together with the client. We do this by taking a detailed look at the following aspects during the setting up and implementation:

  • Automation: including OTAP environments, CI/CD, build and deployment automation, fully integrated DevOps tooling.
  • Collaboration and communication: transparent, reliable, and constructive.
  • Measuring and identifying: identifying sticking points and areas for improvement, detailed report, and analysis functionalities.
  • Monitoring: including continuous execution of advanced tests, such as stress tests, structured performance, and quality measurements, fully automated code and application monitoring, incident prevention, and automated improvement.
  • Audit trail: transparency and insight into work logs incidents, releases, and security.

Processes which we continuously pay attention to after the application management process. Which are measured, indicated, and monitored.

Refining and improving

Ideally, we act together with your organisation and application at the highest level, level 5 - optimised where the development process runs smoothly and flawlessly and we can focus on refining and improving the processes. We tailor this based on your wishes. We determine KPIs and goals specifically aimed at the performance of your applications. We then focus on this and report on it.

We ensure continuous improvement so that you profit from proactive management and maintenance, the best service, and an application in prime condition.

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