Maximize the Cloud!

This webinar is now available on demand.

Maximize The Cloud!' Betabit

You did it, the first services are running. The portal is no longer a mystery. But imposter syndrome is creeping up on you, suddenly you are surrounded by a whole new world! Don't worry we have all been there, let us help you unlock the next level.

In this Betatalks live session, we will look a bit more at the cloud native concepts and services. Do you want to build something for hyperscale or Multi-Region? Need to store your secrets the right way and centralize all configurations? Maybe you want to expand your knowledge on serverless and create amazing orchestrations?

The hour will be filled with technical content and demos that will help you feel more comfortable around some of the cloud native concepts.

Audience: Software development managers, CTO’s, CEOs, ISV's, (lead) software developers and architects, IT professionals, and consultants. Especially those working for an ISV.

This webinar is now available on demand.

It is the third webinar in a series about cloud migration. The first two:

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