Opening TechGrounds Rotterdam

Together we turn everyone into tech.

Opening Techgrounds Betabit

Today, after three successful locations in Amsterdam, TechGrounds opens its doors in Rotterdam. Using a free tech training program, TechGrounds offers a successful future in tech to people who are currently unemployed or in unsustainable jobs. 

Every year, 150 talents will be trained in Rotterdam through two different courses, now in the direction of Web development and later also in the direction of Cloud and Application Management. Participants are matched with participating partners after completion of the training courses. 

As a proud partner of TechGroundsBetabit wishes the organisation and all the talents lots of luck! 

We are very aware of the opportunities, but also the social challenges, that digitisation brings; we want a fair digital world for everyone. We all have a role to play in this and training is the key. That's why we helped bring Techgrounds to Rotterdam.

— Luc Gimbrère - Managing Director of Betabit