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In the end, every entrepreneur knows only one boundary and that's themselves. An entrepreneur is always restless and converts that into action. That's also the reason for growth. But where exactly is your boundary? Sooner or later, you'll come up against it: what can I do myself and where do I need others? We invest in software-driven organisations and entrepreneurs who want to get on.

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  • More rapid growth
  • International ambitions
  • Software development under control
  • Experienced entrepreneurs on board
  • More financial leeway
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More rapid growth

Successful entrepreneurs are successful because they always feel a certain restlessness and respond to it by taking action. If things are going well, they can also go better. And that's no luxury: today's strength is tomorrow's resilience. We know as no other what that restlessness and urge to improve feels like. We're happy to exchange ideas with you.

International ambitions

A nice SaaS solution is scaleable which makes the world your market. At least, that's the theory. But doing business successfully outside the Netherlands is tricky, as everyone who tries it discovers. It always takes more time than you expected and yields less and much later than you'd counted on. Smart entrepreneurs don't waste time re-inventing the wheel. We're a group of companies with the same challenges and experience and we're happy to share them with you.

Software development under control

Our clients have software at the heart of their strategy. They're aware that that's where the future and their distinguishing quality is to be found. Continuity and quality in the developers’ team seem to be difficult to hold on to, unfortunately. Rapid technological developments and shortages in the employment market mean that you're soon lagging behind. If you have us on board, you can simply forget about this altogether. We'll take care of it for you.

Experienced entrepreneurs on board

The trick to doing business is to take only responsible risks, invest smartly and learn fast. And a sharp eye and analysis are crucial to this. And, as far as software is concerned, you also need to thoroughly understand the technique and be passionate about it. We have these qualities on board. Extra assets that come with an investment.

More financial leeway

Money is often the stumbling block in faster growth because growth is expensive. If we invest, you'll have more financial leeway which in turn will offer more possibilities for your plans.

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