Expansion of development teams

Keeping your development team at full strength is an increasing challenge, never mind expanding it. This means that you must be able to fall back on the right service or partner for the required expertise. We have motivated and committed people, developers and technical testers, who are more than happy to come and reinforce your team.

Sounds interesting?

  • Lead developers
  • Technical testers
  • Fresh talents
  • Nearshoring in Europe
Rotterdam (14)

Lead developers

Quality and speed in software development conflict with each other. This demands a lot of your development team and sometimes means making difficult decisions. Our lead developers make the right decisions and immediately add experience and knowledge to your team. 

Technical testers

Development teams want to perform well and deliver good software. So scrum teams shouldn't be without a tester. The technical tester focuses on the software risks with complete dedication and professionalism. Our testers are happy to build with your team. Technical testing is in our DNA. 

Fresh talents

Every challenge requires new angles and impulses now and then. New entrants in the employment market who work for us as developer or technical tester are intelligent, highly involved, and have passed strict selection and extensive testing. They get a kick-start with our Young Professional Programme. Success and fresh new ideas guaranteed.

Nearshoring in Europe

A remote team can really lighten the load, but you do have to know when it's possible to deploy it and how to organise it. We know when and how. We have 80 colleagues in Serbia who would like to make your acquaintance. Start with a first-class team abroad.

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