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  • Fast and without obligation
  • Independent and objective
  • Practical recommendations
  • Directly applicable
  • Always delivering the best software
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Reliable, consistently high-quality software

How good is your software? You can’t answer this question without looking at your testing strategy, because testing is a profession in itself, not something a developer does on the side. In addition, it's difficult for a developer to look objectively enough at the quality of anything they themselves built. As a result, the software delivered is regularly inadequately tested, with damaging consequences. A lack of focus on and dedication to testing often results in bugs in the final product, poor quality, dissatisfied users, increased burden on support staff, and ultimately loss of customers, productivity, and revenue. A successful software-driven organisation ensures that testing is embedded in its development processes. 

Independent and personal insight

Does the testing approach chosen, match the goals and desired quality of the software? Does it fit the software development process chosen? We systematically map this out. Betabit helps organisations optimise their testing strategy. It starts with insight and overview. We take a close look at the test plans, tools, and processes in place and test the quality. With our Test Strategy Quickscan we can offer you quickly – within a week – and without obligation an independent and objective overview of areas of improvement and opportunities. Not a big report, but an honest, personal assessment with practical recommendations. 

Quick wins – get started immediately

With the results and our personal explanation, you will have immediate insight into the quick wins and what it takes to achieve your long-term goals. With our Test Strategy Quickscan, you know where you stand. Avoid bugs, software errors, and nasty surprises. Improve the quality of your software development process and always deliver the best software. We’re happy to help. 

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