CED Europe

That which is of value, must remain of value

Results achieved

  • Insight thanks to our Azure assessment
  • From local systems to the cloud
  • Optimal use of Azure PaaS
  • Faster and more efficient service
  • Opportunities for European growth
CED Europe Betabit

About CED Europe

CED Europe is the full-service provider in valuation and claim settlement. This value specialist is an organisation with 1500 employees in 14 European countries. Their view: that which is of value, must remain of value. 

CED wants to realise European growth

It is CED's ambition to help even more people within Europe. To achieve this growth, it was necessary to move their systems from the local interface to the Cloud. They were therefore looking for an experienced partner to help them with this challenge. Betabit proved to be the right choice. 

Migration to the cloud

Together with CED, our Azure Assessment was selected. This assessment provides immediate insight into the adjustments needed for a successful migration. Based on this, we developed a migration plan which allowed us to start the migration to the Azure PaaS Cloud immediately. We've made sure that optimum use can be made of Azure PaaS components.

We confidently and safely migrated the applications to Microsoft Azure. We never lost control.

— Jan Rubingh, IT Director, CED

Opportunities for European growth

Thanks to our Azure Assessment, it quickly became clear which adjustments were needed for a successful migration. This migration was carried out in a short period of time, during which the risks were continuously monitored and kept under control. This allows CED to fully focus on achieving the desired growth within Europe serving its customers faster, more efficiently, and more affordably. 

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