Worldwide Internet of Things platform

One huge trend is the connection of everything to the Internet. All those things may be very small, but there is often an awful lot of them. That requires special software which we can help our clients with. Microsoft Azure IoT is a part of our standard toolkit.

Sounds interesting?

  • Innovation in your industry
  • Lots of things to connect
  • Smart and scaleable
  • Microsoft Azure IoT
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Innovation in your industry

Are you aware of what the competition is up to? Cars, rubbish bins, pens, lamps? Tomorrow's winners are innovating today. We help you make your ideas concrete. 

Lots of things with a chip

An awful lot of things become special if you give them a chip and let them produce data. Developing the specific hardware that makes that possible is an industry in itself. Our work starts where the electronics stop, that's to say with the software and data. 

Connecting with LoRa

You collect the data by connecting everything to the Internet. New LoRa networks, such as the KPN one, offer unprecedented new possibilities. We help the innovators to make the most of that.

Scalable and smart

The real value of IoT is to be found in the intelligence behind the hardware, that's to say in the software and data of the platform. We develop worldwide scalable solutions on Microsoft Azure IoT.

Microsoft Azure IoT

Microsoft Azure IoT makes it possible to start small and develop, test, and roll out a platform fast. Our experts are happy to advise you on this.

Worldwide Internet of Things platform
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