LevenIsWater (Life is Water)

How the Internet of Things, LoRa and Microsoft Azure make living alone safer.

Results achieved

  • Unique link between Azure, LoRa, and the IoT
  • Data security and privacy
  • Personalised and rapid assistance
  • Safe in your own home
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About LevenIsWater

The ageing of our society makes it more likely that elderly people living alone may go unnoticed and helpless after an accident or an acute medical problem in their home. Ways of calling for help are not always within easy reach or are futile when someone is lying helpless (unconscious) on the ground. Motion sensors and cameras come up against privacy issues. LevenIsWater has developed a monitoring system that makes clever use of a water sensor.

Reliable communication system

The sensor will be installed with two clamps on the main water pipe and records water consumption. If no water has been used for several hours while the resident is at home, the alarm is automatically triggered. The aim is to personalise signals with pattern recognition. A sensor alone is not enough; in case of emergency, an automatic notification must also follow. Reliable communication between the sensor and the rest of the system is essential. A local Wi-Fi network is not reliable enough. LevenIsWater solved this problem with KPN's Long Range network (LoRa). As the driving force behind the communication system, LevenIsWater was looking for a reliable, scaleable, and secure platform.

After receiving a signal, the system automatically calls the single person's phone number. If they answer, possibly there's nothing wrong. If there is no answer, a call will be made directly to the contact indicated. Participants can report any changes themselves or report that they will be away for a few days.

— Auke van Balen, founder LevenIsWater

Unique link LoRa, Azure and IoT

The Azure Cloud offers everything that is needed for this. Betabit realized this stable always-on environment and thus guaranteed scalability and security. As a result, LevenIsWater can grow undisturbed, without making concessions to data security and user privacy. In addition, a link between the KPN LoRa network and Azure was required. Betabit built this interface and connected these two worlds for the first time.

Safe in your own home

Thanks to the efforts of our committed professionals, LevenIsWater now has a working Internet of Things concept. A system that makes smart use of a water sensor, the KPN LoRa network, and Microsoft Azure. With this innovative technology, LevenIsWater is making a substantial contribution to better safety for those living alone.

LevenIsWater - Microsoft Azure, LoRa and the Internet of Things
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